With our focus on continuous innovation, CoPilot Professional has become the recognized navigation solution recommended by leading global Independent Software Vendors, systems integrators and hardware manufacturers.

While satisfying cross industry requirements for navigation, ALK and our partners have built a significant presence in key industry verticals:

ALK is a pioneer in developing software for the transportation and logistics industry.

CoPilot Truck provides fleets with integrated navigation that takes into account vehicle dimensions, weight and load together with truck-restricted and prohibited roads to find the optimal route for any itinerary.

Business Benefits
  • Reduces risk of costly bridge strikes and collisions
  • Decreases out-of-route miles, by approximately 5-10% per annum
  • Potential integration with automated destination information - reduce address entry errors

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Key Customers
Frito     US Express

With Advanced Optimized Routing options, CoPilot Professional is helping Postal Services world-wide revolutionize their customer delivery. Highly accurate ETAs generated by CoPilot Professional are enabling companies to provide their customers with advance notice of delivery – right down to the hour.

CoPilot Professional’s Advanced Route Optimization is a proven technology that increases first time delivery success by matching customers with a convenient, precise time window. National Postal carriers and leading parcel delivery companies in Europe, the U.S. and Australia depend on CoPilot Professional’s Advanced Route Optimization and navigation.

Business Benefits
  • Reduce costs with a higher rate of first time deliveries
  • Increase productivity with more deliveries per shift
  • Decrease delivery driver training time

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Managing a mobile workforce efficiently is a key requirement for maintaining a safe, effective utility supply. CoPilot Professional provides navigation support across a multi-disciplined workforce. Providing navigation for companies involved in power generation, gas and water supplies, we have a broad range of customers in the utilities sector.

With the ability to pass in lat/long coordinates, CoPilot Professional is utilized infield for infrastructure support with pin point accuracy in remote locations. In town, optimized routing provides efficient navigation guidance for service engineers, with the potential for additional site visits, per engineer, per shift.

Business Benefits
  • Improve domestic service engineer efficiency
  • Increase number of appointments per engineer
  • Pin-point accuracy to remote locations

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Key Customers
ERDF     Edison

Reduce out-of-route miles and costs with the only truck-specific GPS navigation solution integrated with the most detailed off-road mapping service in North America.

Updated frequently for oil and gas specific data and facilities including wells, compressor stations and plants, CoPilot Truck Energy helps drivers and crews get to those off-road locations the first-time and every time.

Business Benefits
  • Improve driver safety and productivity with oil & gas field mapping and navigation
  • Reduce out-of-route mileage and costs

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Key Customers
Total     MBI

Introducing integrated navigation into a mobile field workforce can improve productivity and efficiency by automating processes, and providing real-time field information that businesses can act on. Accurate intelligence, such as current location and ETA at the next appointment can help a manager balance tasks between available mobile workers, allocating or reallocating personnel based on criteria such as known worker skills and proximity to customer.

In addition, by integrating with line of business applications in the back office and embedded in field service applications on mobile workers device, automated processes can increase accuracy and improve timings – for example, a schedule of jobs can be passed automatically into CoPilot Professional and optimized on the device for the most efficient route.

Business Benefits
  • Increase accuracy
  • Utilize existing investment in backend systems and in-field hardware
  • Improve customer service with remote field service management

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Key Customers
Dish     Initial

CoPilot Professional performs a crucial role in both emergency 'blue light' and first responder situations.

Changes within the navigation profile can be activated to reflect on the type of Emergency, such as the earlier pronouncement of turn commands for higher speed driving, avoidance of physical road restrictions and an increase in volume to counter ambient noise levels.

In non-emergency situations, CoPilot Professional is used extensively for Patient Transfer services.

The Benefits
  • Routing specific to Police, Accident and Fire Services
  • Accurate ETAs based on profile changes

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