A Revolution in Transportation Efficiency

As you would expect with a GPS navigation solution we can help your drivers avoid getting lost. But, that’s just the start.

CoPilot Professional’s true value is in improving the efficiency and productivity of your entire mobile workforce.

By leveraging our integrated turn-by-turn navigation, offline routing optimization and mapping platform, you can make intelligent business decisions based on historic and current in-field activity.

Improve Overall Fleet Operational Efficiency

Reduce annual out-of-route mileage by 5 to 10%

  • Automation of appointment address entry to eliminate manual error
  • Intelligently deploy/redeploy resources based on availability or location
  • The ability to download and optimize multiple appointment stops
  • Application and mapping installed on the device for better navigation consistency
  • Designed specifically to provide mobile workers with a non-distracting navigation experience, in turn improving driver safety

Make Precise Time Windows a Reality

Generate 1 hour or less time windows

  • Improve first-time delivery success with accurate ETAs and smaller, precise time windows
  • Optimally re-sequence stops to satisfy pre-defined Service Level Agreements
  • Improve driver productivity by servicing more appointments or deliveries/pickups per shift

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Rely on Truck-Specific Routing

Improve driver safety – 50% of accidents occur when drivers are lost

  • Developed in conjunction with the world's leading truck manufacturers
  • Improve safety compliance, avoid costly fines and vehicle damage with truck specific routing
  • Generate optimal routes based on vehicle height, length, width, weight/axel, weight and load type

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Improve and Monitor Driver Performance

Decrease time to productivity for new or contract drivers by up to 90%

  • Enables monitoring of current driver location, next appointment and ETA, OnDemand
  • Provides enhanced guidance for improved driver safety

Ensure True Route Compliance

Unique capability syncing the back office and the vehicle

  • Maintain operational and accounting consistency throughout the transportation lifecycle
  • Replicate routes planned in back office applications in-vehicle
  • Mentor driver behavior with tools to compare actual vs. planned routing
  • Manage a mobile workforce by route exception
  • Obtain significantly more precise real-time and historic out-of-route mileage reports

Customize and Connect Navigation with Business Applications

Over 250 API function calls to pass information between applications

  • Seamless integration with other field service, proof-of-delivery and mobile workflow applications on the device
  • Straightforward, highly configurable navigation enabling greater control
  • Connect to back office scheduling, planning or information systems

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Avoid Routing Latency and Expensive Data Costs

Cut substantial costs - Off-board navigation apps can consume ½ MB of data per mile, per vehicle

  • Use of built-in GPS receiver and maps stored on-board prevents consumption of expensive mobile data
  • On-board (offline) navigation enables quick route calculation and automatic re-route calculation locally on the device for best performance
  • No reliance on mobile data for navigation so drivers have directions even in areas of patchy coverage