ALK Maps ALK Maps is a customizable interactive web mapping platform providing high-quality visualizations with precise geocoding and commercial routing for enterprise applications.

Built using the same source of commercial mapping and data as CoPilot Professional, ALK Maps mirrors the routing your drivers see on the device in the back office, further enhancing your mobile workflow solution. This added visibility of real time, precise data allows the trip to be safely and efficiently adjusted from the back office to best suit changing conditions.

ALK Maps

ALK Maps provides

  • Directions & Routing

    Interactively plan simple or complex routes using a variety of parameters or route options before and during trips

  • Mobile Asset Management

    Quickly track and monitor vehicles and assets in real time

  • Geocoding Solutions

    Plot and save custom places using latitude and longitudes for more precise routing

  • Weather Display

    Overlay current weather for daily trip dispatch or utilize historical data for enhanced pre-planning

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