CoPilot Truck Built on over 30 years transportation experience and developed in partnership with some of the world’s leading truck manufacturers, CoPilot Truck offline navigation is proven to help fleets increase mobile worker efficiency, and reduce out-of-route mileage.


Vehicle specific parameters, based on the height, width, length, weight and load type including Hazmat categories, are used to provide the optimal route for any itinerary.

Driver Safety is at the forefront of CoPilot Truck with advance warning of potential physical hazards, and over 3.5 million commercial truck restrictions, thereby helping to avoid costly bridge strikes.

CoPilot Truck includes a comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) with over 250 APIs for integration. It enables complete corporate customization of the mobile workers navigation experience while enabling back office support services to remotely update and automate a driver’s schedule and retrieve real-time data including current location, truck speed and next stop ETA.

CoPilot Truck is also available as a single user app on Google Play , CoPilot Webstore and the App Store .

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