With CoPilot FleetPortal, you create road closures directly and import avoid/favor sets using PC*MILER on the backend for connected CoPilot vehicles to download.

Using the Route Compliance and Dashboard features, you can easily toggle between the planned and actual routes on the map, as well as measure driver performance at a glance, or with graphical representations of key performance indicators and vehicle statistics, such as:

  • Compliance Routes Received (by week)
  • Drivers with Highest Percentage of OOR Miles
  • Percentage of Routes with OOR Events
  • Ratio of OOR Miles (by week)

Business Benefits
  • Visualize routes and generate reports across an entire fleet
  • Leverages ALK Maps to visualize planned and actual routes
  • View a graphical snapshot of an entire fleet
  • View and easily report on data from all vehicles and drivers in the field over a specified time, helping to achieve compliance
  • Generate out-of-route data and mileage reports
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