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Partner Support - FAQs

CoPilot Professional is an enterprise-level solution designed to be integrated with back office management applications and field service applications on a Mobile Worker’s handheld device. Information such as a manifest of addresses, current location and ETA information can be passed between the back office and the Mobile Worker remotely via CoPilot Professional. With CoPilot Professional ALK provides professional support services including rich pre-development integration and project management throughout the project cycle to deliver a successful implementation.

The CoPilot apps available on Google Play and App Store are standalone, turn-by-turn navigation applications designed for consumer use and not appropriate for professional fleets.
There are two ways in which CoPilot Professional can be integrated to fit your business needs. The CoPilot Professional SDK allows for full customization with CoPilot navigation running alongside other applications on the device through a TCP/IP socket. This option is ideal for large scale deployments in which the user must adhere to a number of custom corporate requirements. The SDK is highly configurable and compatible for use with Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Android and iOS platforms.

The CoPilot Integration Kit (CPIK) allows for the navigation library to be embedded within a third party’s hosted application. This integration option provides a smoother end-user experience, is simple and effective to deploy and is supported on the Android and iOS platforms.
CoPilot Truck offers the same flexible software and services platform of integrated navigation as CoPilot Professional, with the addition of industry standard truck-specific attributes. It provides a safe, compliant route for any itinerary taking into account the vehicle’s height, width, length and weight/axel weight and any Hazmat being hauled.
CoPilot Professional takes a worker's schedule of up to 250 stops, taking into account any pre-defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs) from a back office planning or mobile job management application and optimizes the route on the Mobile Worker's handheld device. This results in smaller, more accurate time windows based on accurate ETAs to each destination.
CoPilot Professional and CoPilot Truck are available in 27 languages and cover Europe, North America, the Middle East, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
ALK Maps is a highly customizable mapping platform that offers geocoding and commercial routing to build dynamic route and asset applications. Built using the same source of mapping and routing data as CoPilot Professional navigation, ALK Maps can further enhance your mobile workforce solution by providing a consistent view of routing, mapping and navigation in the back office.

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