Trusted by Over 100,000 Truck Drivers Daily to Stay Safe, Compliant and Efficient

Empower your drivers with a highly accurate GPS navigation solution designed to keep them safe and compliant on the road. CoPilot Truck In-Cab Navigation is a feature rich, cost-effective solution providing safe, accurate industry standard PC*MILER truck-specific routing to run efficiently while staying connected to the cab to maintain true route compliance.

  • Define routing profiles and assign them to the cab for drivers to follow
  • Improve driver safety and satisfaction
  • Lower fuel costs by reducing out-of-route mileage by 7-10% on average
  • Reduce risk of costly bridge strikes and collisions
  • Maximize fleet-wide productivity and keep the back office connected to the cab
  • Improve driver retention and recruiting
  • Familiar, driver-friendly user interface featuring visual and audio guidance for ease of use
  • Reliable truck-legal guidance throughout the planned route
  • Voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions with spoken street names
  • Clean display of 3D and 2D map views
  • Driver Safety View for at-a-glance instructions
  • Motion lock prevents driver interaction while vehicle is moving
  • Detour function quickly identifies an alternate truck-legal route
  • Audio and visual in-cab speed alerts notify a driver when they've exceeded the posted limit
  • Safely maneuver lane changes with real road signage and lane assist guidance plus our unique ClearTurn view
  • On-board navigation for constant access to reliable routing and maps even in remote areas
  • Fast, automatic route generation and recalculation, when needed, directly on the device
  • Seamless integration with Workflow and Dispatch application to prevent erroneous address entry and reduce driver stress
  • Build single or multiple destination routes and optimize up to 50 stops
  • Intuitive user interface requires minimal driver training and reduces ramp up time
  • Over 7 million POIs, including truck-specific points for everything a driver needs on the road

Fleet Managers can streamline management of CoPilot Truck from the back office using CoPilot FleetPortal remote configuration and admin tools.

  • Define routing profiles and assign them to the cab for drivers to follow
  • Create and manage custom PIO sets and send them to CoPilot Truck
  • Quickly update your fleet with road closures
  • Gain map version visibility to easily identify which trucks need updates for fleet-wide consistency
  • Send PC*MILER Avoids/Favors to CoPilot Truck in the cab
CoPilot Truck Route Compliance
  • Monitor driver adherence to the planned route from the back office in near real-time and post-trip to maintain true route compliance.
CoPilot Truck HazMat
  • Create load-specific routing for 7 variations of hazardous materials.
CoPilot Truck Energy
  • Navigate safely and directly to oil and gas POIs with North America's most detailed off-road mapping service*.

*Web-based oil and gas field mapping powered by GEOTrac

  • Calculate the fastest route based on real-time traffic conditions.
  • Advanced integration, ideal for large fleets. Maintain consistency, knowing your drivers are driving the exact compliant, cost-effective route you planned when using PC*MILER in the back office.

Already have CoPilot Truck? Contact for more detail about these add-ons. For technical support, please contact your telematics provider's Customer Support team.

CoPilot Truck is also available as a single user app on Google Play , App Store and the CoPilot Store .